Thank you for taking time to follow Meaghan's journey of healing as she battles Medulloblastoma, a form of brain cancer.

Meaghan, our five year old daughter, was diagnosed early November 2009 after an MRI revealed she had a 4 cm solid tumor in her cerebellum. The tumor resection, while successful, resulted in serious complications.

Cancer is a family affair and here I try to chronicle not only Meg's journey, but our whole family's as well.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Musings on a Day by Ethan Moleski

**Please welcome our guest contributor, Ethan Moleski.

Today Ethan was not at school for lunch because Ethan was not feeling good. And when Ethan got home Meaghan was so tired that after dinner she was on the couch like a bunny in the winter.

She wanted to play Littlest Pet Shop and Ethan had to play it with her, but it did not last that long so then mom and Meaghan were asleep before you knew it and that was that.

Then Meg had a bubble bath and she liked it and then Ethan had dessert and he like it.

And the family got kaleidoscope glasses and when you look at Christmas lights you will see something and it will be cool.


  1. Good job Ethan! I especially liked the "bunny in winter" line.

  2. Love it,it created great visual :-)

  3. Great post Ethan!


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