Thank you for taking time to follow Meaghan's journey of healing as she battles Medulloblastoma, a form of brain cancer.

Meaghan, our five year old daughter, was diagnosed early November 2009 after an MRI revealed she had a 4 cm solid tumor in her cerebellum. The tumor resection, while successful, resulted in serious complications.

Cancer is a family affair and here I try to chronicle not only Meg's journey, but our whole family's as well.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Great News to Share

I can't wait to share the good news!

Meg's spinal MRI is clean!! Thank you, Lord!!

Also, Meg is working hard at physical therapy: she was able to support her weight upon her elbows while on her tummy. She could do this in one minute increments. Go Meg, get your little work out on!!

We meet with our Oncologist tomorrow to sign consents to enroll her in the protocol and discuss all the chemo side effects. That will be a long, sucky consult, but we forge on!

Thank you Lord for meeting me in my time of need. I was frustrated and angry, but I did not despair. Thank you for the multiple blessings today. Help give Ed, Maddy, Ethan, Meaghan and me an extra measure of patience as we redefine our family schedules.


  1. Yay!!!! I'm so happy for you guys!!! She's tough little thing, she's going to great in her therapy. Every day getting stronger. Talk to you soon!!!

  2. Thank you Jesus for your many miracles!!!
    MEAGHAN BE HEALED IN JESUS NAME, AMEN! Lord give this family peace in their minds and souls, and give them patience and protection over all of them. Protect their faith...let nothing come between them and are an AWESOME GOD!!! Thank you Lord, in Jesus name, Amen
    We will continue to pray for you all, and for Meaghan. Tomorrow is our church nite...we will be praying for you all.
    Bless you all,

  3. As a cancer survivor myself that is good news for her. I had stage 4 Non Hodgkin lymphoma. Ever want to just talk or have me met her drop me a line I am new to mops .


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